Monday, July 26, 2010

Questions and Purchasing

Commercial Use Questions:
Please refer to my CU "about" for CU questions.

1. What program(s) do you need to use DDD's doodles?
This is a common question but you most likely already have what you need. If you are a digital scrapbooker then you are already familiar with Photo Shop or Paint Shop Pro. These 2 programs work excellently with my doodles. These are the only 2 programs I have used but I am told other digital scrapbook programs work just as well.
If you do not have a digital scrapbook program never fear! These doodles can be opened and sized to your desire using Microsoft Word (Word Perfect) or Microsoft Works.
2. All doodles have been converted to "vector images". What is a "vector image".
If you have ever used stickers or rubber stamps then this is the "digital" version of that. They are images that are pre-cropped so there is no background. Therefore, when you place it on a digital scrapbook page, you will only be placing the doodle there (not the background of the doodle).
3. What is the difference between the "colored doodles sets" and the "color free digital stamp sets"? 
The "colored doodle sets" have already been colored in, I refer to these as "digital stickers". They print out in color.
The "color free digital stamp sets" are blank images and will have the same sort of effect on a digital scrapbook page as a rubber stamp has on a paper scrapbook page. These images can be filled in with your desired color choice using your paint bucket option in Photo Shop or Paint Shop Pro. Or just print them out to use on your paper scrapbook page and color them in by hand to give it a homemade doodle look.

Digi-Doodle Doo Blog is merely for preview purposes.
1. To order simply click on the link above the desired kit picture and you will be redirected to my store a
2. Once there, you will be guided to login as a new customer. Then you will be able to shop using the "Categories" guide to help limit your search.
3. My store is set up as a shopping cart method. You will add the products you wish to purchase to your "cart" and when finished, you will select "check out".
4. You will then be sent to a "terms and conditions" page where you MUST check the "terms and conditions" box.
5. You will then be sent to the "confirm order" page....yep just select "confirm order".
6. Once the order is confirmed you will be sent to a Paypal login page. This trusted and safe online payment method is where you will pay using a credit card or your own Paypal account.
7. After payment has been made you will then be redirected back to the store to the "Order Complete" page. This is where your DDD download is located so make sure to click on the "download" button at the bottom of the page.
8. You will be getting an e-mail from DDD confirming your order. In this e-mail you will find a link back to the "Order Complete" page in case you didn't get your original download. You can download it from there.
9. All done! start creating my friends!

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