Monday, July 26, 2010

About DDD

I am not an artist, I am a doodle-ist...*wink*. I LOVE to design and doodle anything and everything! I also love to scrapbook and digi-scrap. And so began Digi-Doodle Doo! If you are wondering "what can I do with digital doodles" then make sure to check out my Idea Gallery. If you have any questions, comments or ideas then make sure to send me an e-mail at I answer EVERY e-mail!
I love crafting and creating and I thrive on other crafters and creators ideas! So...if you have a picture of one of your creations using DDD's doodles then send it my way! If I use it in my Idea Gallery then you will get a FREE kit out of it!
I hope you will find joy in my doodles with your creations! Also, if your a stitcher, make sure to check out DDD's sister site
Enjoy your visit through Digi-Doodle Doo!!!


  1. Enjoying looking through your doodles. How clever! Curious if you use a graphic table to draw your designs or a mouse? You do such cute work.

  2. Ha ha Ha!!! No Amy, I have to laugh at your sweet comment! I don't use a graphic table or a mouse. I use my kitchen table and some scratch paper...oh ya, and my beloved sharpie! Thanks so much for your compliment!

  3. What a cute site! I can't imagine what I would do with something like this. Is is for scrapbooking... I am scrap book challenged. Haa :)