Wednesday, December 31, 2008

How to use your FREEBIE coupon...

Hey everyone! Thanks so much for your Facebook support! This has been a fun venture and I look forward to sharing this kit with you all! So here are some detailed instructions on using the freebie-coupon code. If you need any additional help please send me an e-mail at

Here we go....

1. First you will need to click on the actual "Snow Day" digi-scrap kit. And click "Add To Cart" on the bottom right above the "tell a friend".

2. It will guide you to a different screen called "Your Shopping Cart Contents". You then click "checkout" on the bottom right

3. The next screen is the "login" screen where you will enter your login information or start a new account if you're not already a member. Don't worry, all information is kept 100% private and no actual billing information is required! So go ahead and "login"

4. Then next screen is called "Step 2 of 3 billing information". Make sure to check the box  in the "Terms and conditions" section first, then scroll down to the "Discount Coupon" section.
This is where you type in the coupon code
Then click "Continue checkout" at the bottom.

5. On the next screen you will need to select "Confirm Order"

6. This next screen is your FINAL screen and has ALL your download keys!!!!
MAKE SURE to click on ALL download buttons and save the files to a spot on your computer that you will remember them. You can come back later and download them if you wish BUT only have 10 days until they expire and you can only use the coupon once. So you need to get your downloads ASAP!!!
(Note: each file may take a couple of minutes to actually
download to your computer because of the content size.)

7. And last but not least...HAVE FUN with your new kit!

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